About us

Taiwan Fimitech Co., LTD. was founded in 1984. The headquarter is located in Taichung area where the machinery industry is densely distributed.Since the establishment, we have been dedicated to providing professional services for lubrication applications in various fields of industry. Our Sales services include metal processing oils, heavy machinery oils, nd high-end special lubricant products.

  • Vacuum distillation
    Reduce the amount of waste cutting fluid efficiently, lower the cost of treatment. Using the technology of vacuum distillation, removing the water from waste-water.
  • General Agent in Asia
    Industry and vehicle lubricants, German technical cooperation in the production of metal processing oil, high-tech lubricants, the expert of oil
  • Chang Tai
    Removing tramp oil and particles quickly, extend the lifetime of cutting fluid. Using the technology of centrifugation, separating impurities from cutting fluid.