Company Profile

Taiwan Fimitech Co., LTD. founded in 1984, is headquartered in the Taichung ,Taiwan, a region rich in mechanical industry resources. Over the years, we have been dedicated to providing high-quality lubrication application services for the industrial sector. Our business scope encompasses the sales and services of metalworking oils, heavy machinery oils, and high-end specialty lubrication products.

In order to offer customers exceptional products and technical services, Taiwan Fimitech has established a close partnership with Bechem, a German company. Bechem, founded in 1834, is the world's first company to specialize in tribology research. We are honored to be the exclusive distributor of Bechem in Taiwan, committed to importing original German products and promoting highly efficient products that comply with international EU environmental standards. This collaboration allows us to enhance overall industry awareness of environmental protection and contribute to the sustainable development goals of Taiwanese enterprises.

Through years of experience and technological accumulation, we have introduced cutting-edge German technology and invested in local innovation, research and development, production, and high-standard quality management in Taiwan. Our pride, the brand” Boton”, has deeply penetrated the Taiwanese market, providing optimal product services and customized solutions that cater to Taiwan's metalworking conditions. Simultaneously, we actively expand our market presence, promoting Boton products to overseas regions such as China and Southeast Asia, delivering high-quality Taiwanese manufactured goods and services. To better serve our customers, we established Shin Rhein General Service Co.Ltd in 2021, which features a well-equipped certification laboratory for various oil product testing to ensure production stability.

Furthermore, in addition to professional oil products and testing services, we offer various machinery and equipment required for production and processing, such as industrial wastewater concentrators and oil skimmers. These capabilities enable us to provide the most comprehensive services for related industry clients, showcasing our dedication and commitment across multiple fields. We are devoted to delivering one-stop solutions for our customers as Taiwan Fimitech.

Taiwan Fimitech currently sells the products of Bechem, Boton and Formosa. We provide numerous choices to meet the needs of diverse industry. To better serve our customers, we actively nurture exceptional sales and service talents and have established service branches in the northern (Taoyuan Pingzhen District) and southern (Kaohsiung, Tainan) regions, ensuring timely, comprehensive, and high-quality after-sales service. Our commitment is to become a trusted partner for our customers and work together to create a brighter future.